Not going to Fall through the cracks

Change of season sometimes bring changes . You are never too old to start and learn  something new. My day time job has had some restructuring and I am grateful to have been kept on , as I was a few years ago . So much of what I have done with coding medical records has been outsourced. I am now learning a new auditing process and although it seemed daunting I am loving it so far. 
I have enjoyed playing with a band this last year and a half but it is time for a new transition in music as well. Not sure whether it will be a new band, new special projects  or duo collaborations or spending more time writing and recording but I am optimistic . 
Here is a list of criteria that I think a band should possess. I’m sure you’ll think of more but it’s a start-

-Regular rehearsals- at least until any new members are up and running. Not just an occasional meeting to slap together a few new songs. Each member should come prepared but in order to sound tight  the band needs to play together frequently, whether in shows or rehearsals.

-Commitment- the ability to be flexible  with one’s personal preferences and social life . It’s a balance between work, family and activities and sometimes sacrifices need to be made. 
-Boundaries- 7 am phone calls to complain about other members should be avoided. Sending messages containing political or sexual memes are not welcome either. Don’t question one’s commitment when they are involved in other projects. Band members should have good chemistry and enjoy playing together. 

-Honesty- if you don’t like the way someone sounds give specific critiques and avoid discussing with other members behind that person’s back.

-Song selection, choose material appropriate for the band’s concept and the musician’s style. No need to beat to death a poor song when it can be replaced by many others. It’s not just about changing keys. Also it is best when other band members can add background vocals and harmonies.

-Dress code- Dress for the occasion. Poorly fitting gym shorts are almost always a no. Clean up after yourself on stage, avoid spilling drinks and leaving empty cups  and water bottles , broken strings all over the place. Your mama doesn’t work here.

-Compensation- be upfront and clear how the money will be divided including tips. If money is needed for equipment, marketing and travel be open.

-Booking - be willing to network with venues and musicians. Communicate with appropriate grammar and spelling and respect booking agents and club managers People talk. 

-Sound- I shouldn’t have to say this. Know your equipment, how to dial in everyone or pay a sound engineer to do it.




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