Wrapping up a weeklong workcation in Nashville TN. When we visited 3 years ago I was so inspired by the singer/songwriters I set a goal to be able to accompany my own singing. A few months later I picked up my first ukulele while attending Frankfort’s Bluegrass festival. Soon after I started playing a favorite open mic, Dan D Jac’s. Was a rough start as I fumbled through a bad cover of Creep and More than Words but I kept practicing.

We returned in 2017 and I left with a goal to finish writing songs I’ve had in my head since the age of 16. Within a few months I started writing and have about 35 to this date. Funny, I always thought I’d need time away, in the woods or somewhere quiet to write but these songs come to me in the middle of everyday life, sometimes in dreams. At times it may look like I am doing nothing , sitting on the couch but I’m piecing together the stories and melodies. Sleep has become secondary. I started playing more open mics and soon found myself playing paid shows.

Our trip in 2018 inspired me to improve my performance, memorize material and add guitar back in. I also said I would play at least on open stage when we return.


i am happy to say I’ve played 3 times while here with a few more invitations. I’ve enjoyed the musical community here and am leaving with more goals and inspiration! More to come!