Happy New Year!

Reflecting on this past year and what a thrill it has been to play many new venues and meet additional performers. I’m looking forward to what the New Year will bring. Our female band,Higher Ground went from learning 3 songs for an open mic to playing 3 hour shows with bookings in new locations Into 2020. I’m very proud of the work and growth we have all experienced! I have joined another female fronted band as well, more to come later on that as we are still auditioning members. I have shows booked with my duo partner Eddie Bartley, always a fun time when we play together. In my downtime I plan to focus on instrumentation, I’m currently working with guitar, Ukulele, dulcimer and have added mandolin and piano to the  list. Also in the works is getting some of my original songs recorded.

If that is not enough to keep me busy I’ve been cohosting a weekly open mic. Open mics will always have a place in my heart as that is where I got my inspiration and mentoring. People joke and have called me the open mic queen or open mic whore, lol, and I take no offense:). It is in that setting where you can network with other players, learn by example and perfect new material. I was especially inspired by the setting in Nashville, where the standards are high and the environment includes a listening room or area. I believe open mics should be fun but hosts and players should come prepared, stay sober and be supportive of each other. Nothing is more annoying than trying to play in a room and having a table in front of you with loud voices trying to scream over the music. We are fortunate at the Public House to create a Nashville like environment with a professional sound engineer, lights and stage monitors. Check it out and I promise you’ll love the way you sound!

One more thing...I’ve been asking my husband to accompany me on a few tunes on the piano. Check out our first venture in the video section. Wishing everyone peace in the new year!